Zombie Fieldz by The Humboldt Cure

Purple Punch Berries is a  unique multiple award winning custom strain developed by JoeFasho the creator and founder of The Humboldt Cure (T.H.C.). The Humboldt Cure is a family owned and operated licensed cannabis business operating in Humboldt County of Northern California. The Humboldt Cure brand continues to gain tremendous momentum with a very loyal cultic like following, so much it was featured on the hit Netflix Original Series, “Murder Mountain” television show.


So what exactly is Zombie Fieldz?


Purple Punch Male X Forbidden Fruit (Elite Clone) – This Indica-dominant (75% Indica / 25% sativa) strain gives off a sweet, citrusy, and fruity aroma while tasting sweet like fruit punch on the palette.


This one of a kind strain of Indica dominant cannabis strain is sure to elevate you and provide an immense feeling of relaxation and munchies. The Purple Punch Berries strain is exclusively found at, and only by, The Humboldt Cure. The T.H.C. brand is sure to deliver a magnetic experience to your customers. The T.H.C. crew takes their packaging a step further by providing unique collectible works of art throughout their Seedless design. This creative design provides a fun encouraging element to its users, by encoding all sorts of cool messages within.


Visiting The Humboldt Cure family farm was a one-of-a-kind experience that we will never forget! You can literally feel a super hyped energy encompass your body as you tour the unique characteristics of The Humboldt Cure farm.


Thank you for sharing your hard work with our community, and your next level hospitality touring your farms!


Company Name

The Humboldt Cure


Humboldt, California


Purple Punch Berries

Grow Type




Hybrid, Indica
berries, citrus, custom strain, flower, humbold cure, hybrid, indica dominant, punch, purple, thc