Nug of the Month

This is where our team of experts, and members, come together monthly to choose one nug that has risen above the rest in popularity and accomplishments in the cannabis industry. Majority of the time we report on current, fresh, and up-to-date nugs, but from time to time we may blast on a famous throwback form the past. Enjoy!

Purple CBG by The Rogue Reserve Hemp Company 

Rogue Valley, Oregon

Quite a few ask, what is CBG?

CBG works to fight inflammation, pain, nausea and works to slow the proliferation of cancer cells. Research has shown it also significantly reduces intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma. Strains high in CBG will be beneficial treating conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, and cancer.

“CBG is showing great promise as a cancer fighter. Specifically, CBG was shown to block receptors that cause cancer cell growth. In one such study, it was shown to inhibit the growth of colorectal cancer cells in mice, thereby slowing colon cancer growth. CBG inhibited tumors and chemically-induced colon carcinogenesis, therefore demonstrating a very exciting possibility for a cure for colorectal cancer.”

The Rogue Reserve Hemp Company really impressed us and showed us a whole new way to comprehend CBD and CBG nugs!

Huge thanks to the Rogue Reserve staff for their hospitality while shooting all the flowers and nugs at their big, clean, professional licensed farm. If you would like to get your hands on some of this amazingly grown cannabis head on over to The Rogue Reserve website.

Their knowledgeable and professional staff will assist you with all your hemp nug needs!

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